Thursday, July 7, 2011

Upstairs projects: day 5 or 384

The Catzmat Unit suffered its first forced entry this morning. Grig, AKA Orangecat, awoke me with hunger-induced scuffling outside my bedroom.

I have decided to abandon the coffee and tea trials. This project needs to get moving!

I sanded for nine hours today. The one small "break" I took was to shop-vac the bathroom. While I was removing some rubble from the wall, I realized I could now see Quai on the front porch. I finally found out what was on the other side of that termite damage Jeff ripped out a few years ago!

I've found that if your hands hurt from excessive vibration damage, the pain will stop just as soon as your hands go numb from vibration damage. I made it to the last three stairs before I ran out of rough sandpaper, so I FINALLY started to poly. I put one coat on and settled down to watch the extended version of The Two Towers.

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