Friday, July 8, 2011

28 or 9 til two


The early morning was full of pain and anger. I didn't sleep well for whatever reason and I had to get up early to try and get ready for company. The "final" coat of poly had dried well overnight. I had dishes to do, a pathway to clear (for the mattress and box springs that were on their way) laundry and some more construction prep work in the upstairs bathroom.

Things I learned today:
•these old houses were built and designed before most people had box springs; therefore box springs will not go upstairs unless you "alter" them.
•you can turn my water main shutoff all you want, but it will no longer actually shut off the water.
•my hands still hurt from Wednesday and I still don't have fingerprints.

Wainscoting is pretty easy. We worked until we ran out of trim; Lowes can't seem to kept it in stock! We also put in a new handle and lock on a door. It rocks, but drilling holes in doors sucks.

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