Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Age and Age Theory

So the checkout person thought I was 26 when she carded me.

Am I not?

Does one cease to be 26 when one turns 27? Numerically, you must have 26 before you can have 27-or 39 for that matter.

My habit of working as much as possible is wearing thin this week. I am at work even as I write this. I am very tired, most likely because I worked all day and night Saturday and Sunday.

What does "act your age" mean? I think the students in the CAC keep me young. I work with a lot of them outside of classes. More than a few of them don't believe me when I tell then my age; some have said I don't "act" like I am 38. I guess that is a good thing.

Although I've made myself a promise that I would treat myself better this school year, I sometimes think I have forgotten how to have fun. I've gone to a couple of great concerts in the past month or so. I get to hang with friends every other week, which is always a blast, but I usually have no idea what to do by myself.

I've come to realize in my old age (haha) that I am not a great multitasker in many ways. Want to read a book? I have to do it every night or I will forget about it. Want to sand and varnish that small kitchen table? Better do it all in one weekend, or it will sit forgotten and unfinished in the garage (I found it again last night whilst doing laundry). Want to draw my next tattoo? I have to work on it every day-otherwise I will just carry around the sketchbook for no reason or cover it up with mail. Want to write that story you've been working on for a year or so? You have to REMEMBER that you have a story to write at a time other than during a symphony while you are blogging...
Concentrate, Bryan-San. Focus power.