Thursday, July 7, 2011

Hallway project: Day 4 or 383

The coffee and tea idea needed much more time for research than I have. I've tried multiple mixtures, layers and even added some blue food coloring to try to match the "greyness" of the darker wood. Nothing has worked to my total satisfaction.

I went to see Transformers 3 today with Heather. Much like part 2, if you want to see giant robots beat the crap out of each other, this is your movie. If you're looking for a cohesive story and good acting, go see the new X-Men.

The felines have Unionized. Last night I slept feverishly to meowed chants of "Let us upstairs, the bedrooms are missing our feline hairs!" Orangecat is outright refusing to follow OSHA regulations. Atelis is not speaking to the press as of yet and miss Quai is simply watching...waiting.

The lack of accomplishment soon started to have its own distinct smell, so I moved on to the bathroom while waiting for stairs to dry. The linoleum-like sheet paneling peeled off the wall with welcomed ease. The baseboards were nearly as easy, the only problem was the one that LOOKED like it ended in the corner by the closet, but actually ran BEHIND the closet. I decided to inspect the heater wires in the closet floor before I used the reciprocating saw. I found a 1960's orange, yellow and white toilet seat cover and a few pieces of blue fabric lying on the bundle of heater wiring! Must have fallen off a shelf sometime in the past 40 years. I'm very glad it didn't burn the house down while I owned it.

Behind the fake tiles lies the standard cement board. It has a few cracks and breaks (some from the old baseboard removal), but nothing that should hinder the installation of new wainscoting.

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